Packing Supplies

To order packing and moving supplies, cardboard boxes or accessories please call 204-256-5869.

Browse online, then call 204-256-5869 to place your order and set up a free delivery directly to your front door if you are moving or storing with us. In our almost 50 years at Rolly's, service to our customers is #1 and many times we will serve you beyond expectations. We will deliver the moving boxes and supplies with speed and accuracy.

Want to make your packing and moving stress free?

Trust the packing and transport of your items to the professionals. Rolly's Transfer is a true full-service company. We will pack/crate, transport and store your items. We do it all, so that you don't have to!

Cardboard Boxes

We stock many different sizes of new and recycled boxes.

Rolly's 2 Cube Moving & Storage Boxes 2 Cube (18x15x12) $2.50
Rolly's 4 Cube Moving & Storage Boxes 4 Cube (18x18x21) $3.55
Rolly's 6 Cube Moving & Storage Boxes 6 Cube (23x23x20) $6.75
Rolly's Mirror Moving & Storage Boxes Small Mirror (4.5x27.5x38)
Large Mirror (4.3x33.5x48)
Rolly's Wardrobe Moving & Storage Boxes Wardrobe Box and Wardrobe Bar (24"x24"x46")
A portable closet that's great to use over and over!


We offer extra tape, packing paper, mattress covers, wardrobe boxes and special marker pens for identifying your boxes.

Rolly's Packing Tape Tape (50 ft.) - per roll $1.45
Rolly's Packing Paper 25lb Packing Paper
Paper to be used for all delicate or fragile items, as well as, to fill empty space in packing boxes.
Rolly's Shrinkwrap Shrink Wrap
Protect and secure items
Rolly's Mattress Bags Mattress Bags/Covers (Single)
Mattress Bags/Covers (Queen)
Mattress Bags/Covers (King)

Just Need Boxes and Supplies? Call 204.256.5869. We'll deliver right to your door.

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