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Smooth and stress-free moving

Preparing yourself for the move

Whenever you hire movers, there are variables that can be unforeseen, such as weather, parking, construction, traffic, and more. However, there are things you can consider beforehand to prepare yourself as best as possible. A well-thought-out plan and some practical strategies, you can help you navigate through the transition with ease and efficiency. By following these steps and staying organized throughout the process, you can make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible, allowing you to settle into your new location with ease.

Communicating your needs clearly with Rolly's Transfer can help you obtain accurate quotes and make informed decisions about your upcoming move.

These factors below can affect your estimate and final pricing:

  • Elevators
    Will there be access to a service elevator? If not, has the residential elevator been booked at both pickup and drop-off locations?
  • Stairs
    If the residence has no elevator, we will require stairway access to move your items. How many floors is the walk-up? This is important for us to know.
  • Loading/unloading distances
    The time spent moving down hallways, up driveways, around obstacles, and through your home is a major factor. Please be prepared to consider end-of-hall apartment suites, basements, multiple-story homes, and items that we cannot utilize our dollies to transport.
  • Consolidation
    If possible, choose a location that is accessible and convenient for your cartons and easy-to-move items at the pickup/drop-off locations. This not only keeps things less overwhelming for you when unpacking and organizing, but also keeps the pathways clear for the movers. Although we have no problem delivering each carton to its final destination, somewhere like a garage or spare room can make the move more cost-effective for you!
  • Labeling
    You can never have too many labels! Feel free to tag your items depicting exactly what is going where; this ensures a smooth unloading and placement at the destination.
  • Pictures
    Any pictures you can provide will help us know what to expect regarding size, weight, stack ability, etc. It will also provide insight into precautionary measures for more delicate items such as leather, glass, softwoods, and irregular shapes. Feel free to send pictures of your belongings if you so choose.
  • Assembly/Disassembly
    Taking apart bed frames, sectionals, and anything that might have been built in the home takes time. We are happy to assist with this if you can't complete it yourself. Including this task when submitting your quote request or discussing your move will help us be prepared.
  • Small items/cartons
    Although relatively easy for us to move, running boxes, cartons, and smaller items takes time and energy. We understand that additions happen, and carton counts can be larger than expected. Estimate as best you can and we'll work with you on these additions should they come up.

Specialty Items

For proper quotation, Rolly's Transfer requires pictures of the residence and walkways for specialty items such as pianos, safes, grandfather clocks, and antique china, ensuring accurate assessment and planning for their safe and secure transport.

Uninsurable Items

Rolly's Transfer deems certain items uninsurable due to their fragile nature or the difficulty in assessing their condition prior to transport. Televisions and monitors without original packaging pose a risk due to their delicate screens, susceptible to damage from bumps or pressure. Planters and flowerpots, along with pictures and paintings, are excluded as their irregular shapes and fragility make them prone to breakage during handling. Floor lamps and lightbulbs face similar issues, with their delicate components vulnerable to movement. Customer-packed boxes are excluded due to the variability in packing quality, which increases the likelihood of internal damage. We should note external damage is covered, however internal damage resulting from improper packing or low-quality boxes is not insured.

Non-Movable Items

At Rolly's Transfer, we have specific regulations regarding the transportation of certain items. Propane and gasoline tanks are not allowed due to safety concerns. Foodstuffs and any liquids, including chemicals, water, sauces, and oils, are also prohibited to prevent spillage and contamination. BBQ equipment must be thoroughly cleaned, with the grease trap removed, to avoid damage from residue to both your items and our trucks. Additionally, small loose items must be appropriately packed in boxes or bins before transport to ensure their safety and ease of handling during the moving process.

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