Warehousing, Distribution & Third Party Logistics

  • Professional Bar Code System
  • Contract Delivery
  • State of the Art GPS Tracking System
  • State of the Art Storage Inventory Control Software
  • Cross Docking Services
  • Insured, clean, heated warehouse

Winnipeg Warehousing and Cross Docking Specialists

Logistics is all about managing the flow of goods and services from one point to another. Logistics also involves the integration of several different services needed to accomplish that flow. Information tracking, warehousing, receiving and shipping are all a part of the natural flow of goods in today’s business world. When one company can integrate all those items together into a smooth flowing package, you have a true logistical solution.

Rolly's can provide your business with this kind of worldwide logistical solution. We’ll do the receiving for your shipments, carefully documenting everything that comes in. We’ll provide the warehousing space in our facilities, which are clean, secure and always accessible to you and your designated employees. When it’s time to ship things out, we can prepare for shipping, and then handle the delivery locally ourselves. Rolly’s handles everything from sensitive files to pianos, and their clean, temperature-controlled and insured warehouses take the worry out of shipping your goods

Warehousing Inventory Control Software

Our warehousing solution includes tracking your inventory with state of the art inventory control software. You will always know what you have in stock through our professional barcode system. And, we will be able to quickly locate any item we have inventoried for you. All your items will also be tracked through our GPS tracking system. We’ll always be able to tell where your items are. Our tracking system is not limited to within the warehouse. Rolly’s also provides GPS tracking of deliveries. If your item is in transit to its destination, we can still tell you where it is by simply checking our GPS tracking system.

Why spend your capital to invest in warehouse space, staff and technology, when Rolly’s already has it available and ready to service your needs?

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Cross Docking

Our cross docking services include receiving, sorting and shipping of your products.

Why use Winnipeg warehousing? The answers are many, but the primary reason is location. Winnipeg has a perfect central location on the continent, sitting mid-way between two great oceans, and it has good roadways that extend to all points in Canada and the United States.

Third Party Logistics – 3PL

3PL, or third party logistics, is a pretty tricky sounding name, but the reality is that 3PL is a great way for a company to simplify its operation and focus its energy on its own production. “Third party” means that a company is outsourcing, or hiring an outside entity to perform a business function. The “logistics” involved refer to everything that happens from the time goods are manufactured until they arrive at their final marketing destination. The final component, “provider” means just one thing, and that's Rolly's.

A leader in Winnipeg warehousing, Rolly's knows what it takes to provide great third party logistics. Rolly's warehouses are insured, clean and heated, and modern bar coding assures easy retrieval from storage. Cross docking means that goods that don't need to be stored can be transferred from one commercial carrier to another without skipping a beat. Businesses save time and money when they outsource their logistics, and more companies are realizing this every day.

Winnipeg third party warehousing is a natural choice, given the city's perfect location for transportation, smack in the middle of the North American continent. Highways and rail lines extend to both coasts, and south lies the United States, ultimate destination for many goods.

Customized Solutions

Rollys Warehousing works with their clients to help them manage their logistics operations by assisting them with "Third Party Logistics or 3PL" solutions.

We manage all or a significant part of our customers logistic requirements such as inbound freight, customs, warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution and outbound freight to our clients customers.

We can provide customized solutions to best suit your needs and you can count on Rollys Warehousing to make sure that every stage of your logistic requirements are handled with the utmost professionalism and care you have come to expect from working with our group.

Let us show you how efficient, affordable and flexible we can be to seamlessly be part of your logistic supply chain.

Centrally Located in Winnipeg

Rolly’s warehouses are located with easy in/out access, and they are designed to benefit you in many ways. No matter where on Earth your products arrive from, Winnipeg third party warehousing with Rolly’s allows your company to reap all of the benefits of cross docking. Whatever has to be distributed immediately simply gets offloaded from one truck and placed on the next transport, without spending any costly time sitting in a warehouse. GPS tracking ensures that your load will arrive undamaged and on time.

If your product needs to be stored for later delivery, then using Rolly’s warehouses can save you even more money, in that you won’t have to use up precious time and money resources to build your own.

A List of Some of Our Customers

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Bank of Montreal     Commercial Customer Stalwart     Gino's Homes     Commercial Customer Qualico

Commercial Customer LazyBoy     Maric Homes     Loewen Piano House     Louis Riel School Division

Seven Oaks School Division     Office Depot     Boeing

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