Piano Moving Experts - Like Music to Your Ears

March 20, 2016

Moving pianos in and out of homes is not a task for the everyday mover. Pianos are delicate instruments that require extra care in their handling and transporting. In addition, they can be large, heavy and cumbersome. This makes them difficult to maneuver through openings. Pianos are one of the most challenging household items that movers have to deal with. They also tend to be one of the most prized possessions of the homeowners. So, safe and professional handling of these musical instruments is a must. At Rolly's, piano moving is something that we've been doing for years. Our expert piano movers have encountered almost every challenge that can be imagined, when it comes to delivering and setting up pianos. We've dealt with small doorways and sharp corners. We've found ways to get baby grands up to the second floor of a home. We've moved heavy uprights up and down stairways. We've done it all. Our piano movers also know what needs to be done to protect both the outside finish and the interior mechanisms of a piano. They understand how pianos fit together and how they work. When you entrust your piano to our expert movers, you have put your piano in the most reliable hands available. You have our word on that.


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