Winnipeg - The Central Distribution Center

Winnipeg, Manitoba has always been a central hub of transportation in North America because of its prime location. Whether you are shipping by rail, air or roadway, Winnipeg is the perfect distribution center. Products shipped from the west, east, north and south traverse through the crossroads of Winnipeg. They come into the city from all directions and are sent back out in all four directions as well. It is a busy city. Rolly's has strategically positioned itself in this central hub to create a warehousing facility that can meet the needs of our clients as efficiently as possible. We can take in their deliveries easily and quickly, and then get them shipped out again just as quickly, to whatever destination they need to reach. Our years of service within the Winnipeg area also work to our advantage. We know the area well and have developed long term relationships with the other transport services that move products into and out of this centrally located destination. This helps us to provide a warehousing option for our clients that is unsurpassed. Rolly's has been in Winnipeg for over 50 years. As our services have grown, the more we've appreciated the benefits of being located in such an ideal location.


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