Why You Should Outsource Distribution

Product distribution is a key element for any manufacturing company, but it may not be what a company does best. More and more, companies are outsourcing their distribution, realizing great benefits from doing so. In the great transportation hub of Winnipeg, third party warehousing is a thriving industry, and Rolly's is in the vanguard of companies that can provide sterling third party logistics. Why are businesses turning to outsourcing in general, and Winnipeg warehousing in particular? There are a number of reasons, including Winnipeg's outstanding location. For one, companies that use Rolly's warehousing have less need to build their own storage facilities. Shipping costs go down when businesses utilize the cross docking available at Rolly's, and staffing and human resource expenditures also drop. Using Rolly's means a company won't have to invest in expensive warehouse and inventory management systems, and it also makes seasonal marketing more manageable. Rolly's contract transporters also mean that a manufacturer won't spend a lot of time and money lining up transportation for its goods. Rolly's uses state-of-the-art tracking to assure clients that their product will be delivered safely and on time. If you need to move your goods anywhere in North America, Rolly's has a solution for you. This also goes for your personal warehousing needs, since Rolly's has an outstanding storage facility, and offers both full service and service storage. Call today (204-256-5869) and Rolly's can be working for you right away.


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