Why Warehousing Your Inventory Yourself May Not Make Business Sense

Whether you're a manufacturer of goods or simply retain a large stock of parts or products, handling the warehousing of your own inventory can be an expensive task requiring several dedicated employees. Maintaining a commercial space large enough to house your business offices and Winnipeg warehouses can easily result in far higher overhead costs than you would face if you simply outsourced the warehousing aspect of your business to a dedicated service. At Rolly's, we offer a full range of receiving, documenting, shipping preparation and local delivery services to help streamline your daily business operations. Our Winnipeg warehouses are secure and climate controlled, ensuring that even the most sensitive items are kept in the right environment and protected from harm. We'll also track your inventory with our cutting edge management software, allowing you to view your available stock quickly and easily. Your stock will be tracked with GPS monitoring systems, both inside the facility and during deliveries. Allowing us to manage the warehousing, management and local delivery aspects of your business eliminates the need for expensive real estate, a dedicated staff and the necessary tracking and management technology. Your overhead costs can be slashed dramatically, so that you can save the capital you'd normally be forced to invest in all of these costly endeavors. There's no need to spend money and valuable time training a warehouse staff, just let Rolly's manage the logistics of warehousing while you focus on managing and helping your business to grow.


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