What Information You will Need for Third Party Warehousing

Getting the product to market can be a stumbling block for many companies, but it doesn't need to be. Often, the benefits of third party warehousing can answer the questions about what needs to happen with your goods from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. In Manitoba's largest city, Winnipeg, third party warehousing is a specialty of Rolly's. Winnipeg is a world trade hub, with excellent access to all areas of North America, and Rolly's provides all a company needs to move the goods. How do you go about establishing a 3PL program that will save you time and money? What will your warehousing provider need to know? First, there are information basics such as name of company, address and contact numbers or e-mail address. Then, your provider will need to know what your product is, how it's packaged, how much weight and volume need to be moved, and how long your goods need to be stored before delivery. Additional items include whether or not goods to be shipped include any hazardous materials, how often shipments will go out and valuation of product. Another key element is deciding who will transport your product. All of these questions can be addressed by Rolly's professionals, and you can get a jump on your project by calling 204-256-5869. In Winnipeg, warehousing solutions are just one of the benefits of working with Rolly's. Check out our commercial and residential storage facilities, too.


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