Selecting a Warehouse Location - It's More Than Just Price

While it's important to consider the operating price of every aspect of your business, it's also essential that you consider more than just the financial implications when you're choosing a warehousing solution. When you're evaluating Winnipeg warehouses, you should also consider the capacity of a space, ease of access for deliveries and the suitability of the particular space to your business needs. Before choosing a particular warehouse space, however, you must first choose an ideal location. Warehousing in Winnipeg gives you great access to the rest of the continent, as it's centrally located and boasts a road system that extends across Canada and into the United States. Rolly's offers the best warehousing services in Winnipeg, with an attention to detail and a dedication to customer satisfaction. All of our facilities are designed for easy accews, and are climate-controlled to protect sensitive items. We'll prepare any items in your inventory for shipping, and even handle any local deliveries that come your way. With our cutting-edge GPS tracking system and inventory control software, you'll never have to wonder where a shipment is, how many of an item you have in stock or where a particular item is located within your space. Our cross docking services prevent loss of revenue shipping delays, making sure that your shipments arrive whole, unblemished and in a timely manner. Contact us today for a free estimate and to discuss how Rolly's can meet the individual needs of your business for warehousing, cross-docking or storage in Winnipeg.


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