Save Space with Secure Storage for Financial Data

If you've been in business very long, you know that financial records can take up a lot of storage space. Many of your records are required to be kept for several years. Others, may not be mandated for archiving, but you have found that it is prudent for a business to keep those files. Legal issues and customer concerns can often surface many years after a transaction has taken place. Keeping those records available and accessible can become very important, should the need arise to provide documentation regarding past transactions. Because financial data for your company contains very sensitive information, storing it off-site raises several security concerns. When you keep it at your own facilities, it is easier to control who has access to those files, and who does not. At Rolly's, we understand how important that security is to business owners. We can provide business owners with storage solutions for their archives of financial data that will satisfy their needs for security, as well as freeing up space at their own facilities. When you rent storage space at Rolly's, you decide who will have access to your storage area and who does not. Our system will also track each individual who accessing your storage area and the date and time that they accessed it. No one will access your private storage areas without your permission, or without your knowledge. Rolly's security measures will probably provide a tighter control over your stored data than you would have, keeping it at your own office.


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