Outsource Business Document Warehousing

In spite of the increasing use of technology for data storage, businesses still tend to be inundated with an amazing amount of paper documentation that fills file drawers and takes up much needed office space. When those documents need to be securely stored and accessible offsite, there are several different options available. The traditional solution has been to rent or purchase storage space to move older documents off site to a secure location. Documents are placed in storage boxes that are properly labeled so that documents can be found when needed. Staff then needs to transport and store the documents in the storage facility. When documents are needed from the off site storage area, staff again needs to locate the proper box or boxes and transport them back to the business where they are needed. At Rolly's, we offer a much more convenient solution for warehousing your business documents. Once you have your documents boxed, labeled and ready for storage, simply give us a call and we will pick them up and provide them a secure warehousing location. Every item you store with us is carefully documented as it is placed in storage. This means that when you need to retrieve documents, all that is required is a call to Rolly's and the proper items can be quickly retrieved and delivered back to you. Outsourcing your business document warehousing is just another way to make more efficient use of your staff's time and your warehousing budget.


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