Office Moving Day Tips

Roll's Transfer is a Winnipeg moving company that has helped numerous businesses with their office moves within Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

So the day has arrived, it is time to move to your new business premises. Of course, you can leave all the heavy work to Rolly's, but there are still some things you should cover yourselves. On moving day, make sure that everything goes smoothly by doing a run through of events with your staff. We are going to ensure that all your furniture and equipment is ready. However, you and your staff need to be ready too. For the most part, it should be business as usual. Your staff can carry on working, as long as they are adequately briefed on the stages of the move. There is no need for you or your staff to become involved with the actual moving process. In fact, we at Rolly's greatly discourage you from doing so. There is more to consider during a commercial move than the break in productivity. Office furniture and equipment is heavy. For that reason alone, packing and moving is best left to professionals, like the staff here at Rolly's, one of the to Winnipeg moving companies. The last thing you or anyone else needs is to incur serious injury from moving or lifting heavy objects. Why risk an injury, when it is easily avoided? We have been moving Winnipeg residents and businesses for over 50 years. We take the utmost care with both people and property. That is why, on moving day, you can trust Rolly's to take care of everything. Once the move is complete, all you have to do is make sure everyone knows where they need to be. Appoint staff representatives to check in with everyone, making sure they are settled and everything is working as it should be. It is really that simple; leave the hard work to us and you can concentrate on tying up the loose ends.


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