Moving an Office? Tips for Staying Productive

A business can't afford to shut down operations just because they're moving to a new location. However, moving an entire office staff and all the related business equipment and materials is bound to be disruptive. Someone has to do the packing, moving and setup, but clients still need to be taken care of, and day-to-day office work still needs to get done. Here's a few tips to keep your staff productive during the move.

  • Plan your move. Take time to think through the moving process. What needs to be left until the last moment? What can be moved ahead of time. Who is going to do what?
  • Assign packing duties. Make each person responsible for packing their own area or office. Provide them packing supplies. (Rolly's can deliver these for you.) Assign someone to pack the office supply area, and have them pack everything but what is needed for immediate use.
  • Prepare the new office. Have as much of the new office setup before the move as possible. Having Rolly's professional moving services deliver and setup the non-essentials ahead of time can make the final move go much smoother.
  • Communication services. If possible, schedule the transfer of your phone service to the new location at the end of the day, prior to the move. Having phone service and internet access fully operational at the new location is essential.
  • Use Temporary Storage. If you are not able to move items into the new office ahead of time, you can still get things packed and moved out of the old office. Simply have Rolly's move those non-essential items into a storage unit temporarily. When moving day arrives, we'll load it all back on the truck and deliver it to the new location.

With a little planning, and some help from our moving professionals, you can minimize the amount of disruption that will occur during your office move.


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