Lowering Cost of Doing Business With Less Square Footage

A major cost of doing business for any business is the cost of space. Whether it is office space, retail space or warehouse space, it all has cost involved. There is the basic cost of renting or purchasing the space, which is often determined based on the square footage of the building or unit, is only the beginning. The more square footage in use, the more square footage that needs to be heated, cooled and using electricity for light and power. What if you could find a way to decrease the square footage needed for your daily operations and lower your costs of doing business? Wouldn't you want to do that? Of course you would! Listed below are two ways that business are using Rolly's to do just that.

  1. Document Storage. Many businesses are taking up valuable square footage in their office and retail space just for document storage. Maintaining these archives of your business records is vitally important, but there is no reason to be paying the high square footage costs for the space to keep these records on site. Rolly's is providing businesses with a cost-saving alternative with document storage in our off-site storage facilities. Their documents are stored securely and yet still quickly accessible when they need them. We can even deliver and pick up needed storage boxes when you require them back on site.
  2. Warehousing. By using Rolly's as a third-party warehousing solution, businesses get a full-service high-tech warehousing solution without the high costs. You not only gain warehouse space, you have 'manned' warehousing. This means there is always someone available to receive and access your stored items. In addition, your items are carefully tracked through our inventory control system. You will always have access to up to date inventory data without having to invest in the system or the personnel to enter the data into the system.

Decrease your square footage costs and improve your storage functionality be out-sourcing your storage needs to Rolly's. Contact Rolly's to find out more about how our services can benefit your business.


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