How Does Cross Docking Save Money

Winnipeg has been a center of trade since the first aboriginal peoples settled along the confluence of the Red River and the Assiniboine River, an area known as The Forks. Located halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific, today's modern city is one of the world's great transportation hubs, and Rolly's is proud to be among the leaders in all aspects of the Winnipeg warehousing industry. Cross docking is just one feature of Rolly's multifaceted approach to third party logistics. Cross docking is where shipments arrive at a transport depot, such as Rolly's, and are immediately transferred to other transport without spending time being stored in a warehouse. Storage time costs money, and eliminating that warehouse time is just one of the savings realized through cross docking. Further savings are gained because items that are stored have to be logged, sorted and retrieved before they are sent on the next leg of their journey. In Winnipeg, third party warehousing enables businesses to use Rolly's as a focal point in logistics that span the globe. Companies like IKEA and Stalwart Appliances regularly utilize the third party logistics of Rolly's, and you will see trucks filing in and out of the warehouse every day loaded with goods heading to all parts of North America. Contact Rolly's by calling 204-256-5869, and our qualified professionals will help your goods on their way to market. Don't forget about Rolly's storage units if you are in the area. Full service and self-service storage is available for your convenience.


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