Eliminate the Need for Operating a Dedicated Distribution Center

When you've been doing something a certain way for a long time, it can be hard to imagine doing things differently. Using your own dedicated distribution center can be one of those things. It can be hard to imagine how you could maintain or improve your distribution efficiency without using your own facilities and your own personnel to staff those facilities. However, many businesses are moving away from the dedicated distribution center to third-party distribution centers. There are several reasons why this shift makes sense to business owners. A dedicated distribution center needs to be big enough to meet your highest storage needs. In third-party facilities, you are only paying for the space that you are using at the time. When your storage requirements decrease, so do your costs. Moving your distribution center to a third-party provider, like Rolly's, eliminates the need for dedicated personnel for that center. Not only are you eliminating the personnel costs, but also the costs of training for the position and the heavy recordkeeping component of such a position. When you use Rolly's as your distribution center, we supply and train the personnel. We also take care of all the recordkeeping of your items as they come in and are shipped out, using up-to-date technology. When you add up all the costs of maintaining your own distribution center: facilities, utilities, insurance, personnel and record keeping, you may find that the costs are hard to justify, when compared to the costs of contracting with Rolly's to become your distribution center.


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