Clean and Green Moving Tips

Protecting our environment and avoiding waste are important aspects of our stewardship of the planet we live on. Those concepts are just as important to take into consideration when you are planning a move as at any other time. At Rolly's, we've come up with a few tips to help you do your part in making your move as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Rolly's Eco bins. Yes, these storage bins are actually green in color, as well as earth friendly. Our reuseable plastic bins make a great substitute for cardboard boxes, and they are available for a very low rental fee.
  • Eliminate waste. Not all items will fit into our storage bins, but using efficiently sized packing boxes will also help eliminate waste. Rolly's supply center can provide you with china boxes to keep your breakables safely packed and narrow boxes to fit your mirrors as well.
  • Use linens for packing. Dishtowels, hand towels and other small linen items make great packing material. Use them to wrap around items that need protection, rather than paper packing that will need to be disposed of.
  • Returns of excess. At Rolly's, we recognize that it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need for packing supplies for a move. That's why we will gladly allow you to return any excess packing supplies that you didn't need for your move. We wouldn't want you to throw them away, when they are perfectly re-sellable to another client.

We're sure you could provide us several good tips of your own, but we do hope that these will be help in giving you a greener, cleaner move.


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