Packing Cups, Glasses, Goblets and Stemware

Packing Cups and Glasses

Cups and glasses may be "nested" (one placed inside another) and three of four wrapped in a bundle.

Tear or cut-up some small sheets of paper. Use at least a couple of small sheets between each glass or cup as protective lining.

  1. Take first glass and line with a couple of sheets of your cut-up paper.
  2. Place second glass (or cup) inside the first one. Line with two more sheets of paper. Insert another glass (or cup).
  3. Using your best judgement, nest three or four glasses (or cups) and lay these on your stack of wrapping paper in a diagonal manner, off center closer to your body.
  4. Grasp corner closest to you of two sheets of wrapping paper. Wrap around your glasses (or cups).
  5. Grasp next corner of wrapping paper and wrap around your glasses.
  6. Repeat procedure with remaining corners of wrapping paper. Then roll into a bundle (much the same as a butcher might wrap a package of hamburger).
  7. If you have collected some liquor cartons with dividers, pack glasses, cups and stemware in these boxes. If your bundle does not fill to the top of the compartment, stuff additional wadded-up packing paper in the compartment to fill it up.
    If you don't have any liquor cartons, then pack your glasses, cups and stemware in boxes with your other dishes - fitting them in where ever you find some spaces. Be sure these articles are toward the top of your carton.


Goblets and Stemware

Pack goblets and stemware singly. Do not attempt to nest them as you did with glasses.

Follow the same wrapping procedure as you did with glasses and cups.

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