Rolly's Packing TipsPacking Tips

  • The quality and strength of your storage boxes is important.(Rolly's sells sturdy cardboard boxes)
  • Make sure you have all the packing material you will need before you begin packing: boxes, bubble-wrap, tape, markers, inventory sheets, mattress bags, etc.
  • Buy more packing boxes than you actually think you'll need. You can always return your extras, if you purchase them at the Rolly's supply store.
  • Don't use printed newspaper for packing wrap. The ink can easily stain your contents.
  • Don't overfill or under-fill your boxes. They will stack better and be less likely to tip over.
  • Don't overload boxes with heavy items. Put heavy items in smaller boxes, lighter items in bigger boxes.
  • Mark your boxes so that it is easy to find what you are looking for.
  • Fragile items should be carefully wrapped with tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect them from breakage. Wrap each individual glass, cup, or dish before placing it in the packing box.
  • Boxes containing breakable items should be clearly marked 'Fragile' on the outside.
  • Clean your items before storing, especially outdoor furniture, grills and garden equipment.
  • Clothing will keep its shape better if allowed to hang in a wardrobe box.
  • Wrap appliances to protect them from scratches during transport.
  • Framed prints, photos and mirrors should each be wrapped individually in bubble wrap and stored on end. Don't lay them flat.


Want to make your packing and moving stress free?

Trust the packing and transport of your items to the professionals. Rolly's Transfer is a true full-service company. We will pack/crate, transport and store your items. We do it all, so that you don't have to!