Rolly's Packing TipsOffice Moving Day Tips


It is necessary to tip your desk on end so that it can be moved on a dolly, therefore, we suggest the following:

  • Empty the drawers and place the contents in a carton.
  • Breablables such as ink, mucilage etc., should be wrapped in paper before packing in cartons.
  • Small items such as pins, paper clips etc., should be placed in an envelope.
  • Loose papers may be bundles and secured by a rubber band or string.
  • Do not lock the desk.

Filing Cabinets

  • The follow black at the rear of each file drawer should be drawn forward as tightly as possible to hold the contents firmly in place.
  • Do no leave any breakables in the file drawers.
  • Where filing cabinets are bolted together, these bolts should be removed prior to the time of the move.
  • Lateral or wall type and suspended filing cabinets must be emptied and the contents packed in cartons. This type of cabinet is not structurally strong enough to move when filled.


Sectional bookcases can be handled as they are, provided each section is full. All others should be emptied and the contents packed in cartons.

Stationery Cabinets

Contents should be removed and packed in cartons and the doors left unlocked. The construction of these cabinets will not stand the weight of the contents in transit.


A complete packing job is essential for an efficient move.

  • All stationary not contained in cabinets should be packed.
  • Discard adn throw out all old or worthless papers and materials. Moving day is a good opportunity to houseclean.
  • It is important that cartons are not packed too full to allow piling. They should be filled to the top and the flaps folded. It is not necessary to tie the cartons.
  • Pictures, glass, etc., should not be packed, but left in a conspicuous place until the movers take charge.


We suggest that a floor plan of your new premises and a labelling system be used on all offices over 500 square feet. We will gladly assist you in this and explain how our colour coded labels can help you to move smoothly and quickly. Where such a plan is used, we will move only such pieces as are labelled; anything not labelled will not be moved without further reference to a member of your firm. Listed below are the best methods to be used.

  • Desks should be labelled on the top surface of the desk at the far right corner.
  • Chairs should be labelled at the top of the back. Chair cushions may become separated from the chairs and should be labelled.
  • Filing cabinets should be labelled on the fron tof the top drawer. All sections of sectional filing cabinets should be labelled.
  • Each section of sectional bookcases should be labelled. Others should be labelled on the upper front surface.
  • Be sure you mark all parts of a piece of furniture which may become separated during the move. e.g. on a desk, the desk, chair, telephone, table and glass top should be labelled similarly.
  • Labels should be marked with a soft black pencil.
  • Filing cabinets in rows should be labelled consecutively to avoid re-handling. Chalk marking the floor at the new location is a great time saver.


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