Rolly’s Green Plastic Bins

If you’re needing packing supplies for the items you will be storing or moving, Rolly’s has everything you might need. We have cardboard boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and mattress covers for sale. However, there are times when cardboard boxes aren’t the best choice for your storage or moving needs. And, believe it or not, they are not always the most economical choice either.

At Rolly’s we have provided another option. Rolly’s green plastic storage bins. The bins are extremely durable and will not lose their shape, like cardboard boxes can. Because they are plastic, you also don’t need to be concerned with moisture damage to the containers. The plastic also makes them much stronger, eliminating concerns for bottom breakage from heavy items. Their side handles make them easier to carry than cardboard boxes and the interlocking top closures allow for easy access and secure stacking of the bins.

So, how can plastic storage bins be a more economical choice? We don’t ask you to buy the plastic bins. Rolly’s will rent the bins to you for only $2.00 a week for each bin. That is less than it would cost you to buy a cardboard box. When you have emptied the storage bins, you simply return them to Rolly’s or have us pick them up from your location. No cardboard boxes to dispose of.

Rolly’s green plastic bins are just another example of our commitment to provide you with ‘full service’ self-storage and moving.

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