With spring weather just around the corner, many of our customers are getting ready for some spring cleaning and moving of many of their household items.

Rolly’s Transfer and Storage has many tips for helping you coordinate your Winnipeg moving needs.

Start simple

Start with one room at a time. By focusing on one room at a time, you will quickly see that it doesn’t take long to accomplish your cleaning and moving by dedicated small amounts of time and effort to each room.

Label your boxes

Label boxes with descriptions and divide your belongings accordingly.  Keep a manifest of your boxes and the items they contain, making for easy retrieval and organization at a later date.

Make it fun

Put on some music, have the whole family help out (let the kids do their own rooms) and find time to have a dinner or some sort of entertainment as a reward when you are done.

Have a Winnipeg moving expert like Rolly’s Transfer and Storage help you out

Rolly’s Transfer and Storage is Winnipeg’s leading moving specialist.  We have a wide range of products and services to help you make your Winnipeg moving experience a pleasant and successful experience.

We have been recognized as one of Winnipeg’s moving leaders for years and are always looking to go that extra mile to help our valued customers.

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With more than 45 years under our belts, it’s not hard to imagine why Rolly’s Transfer is so thankful during the festive season.

Nearly a half century of business doesn’t just happen – yes, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and the proverbial blood, sweat and tears; but if a business isn’t drawing the attention of the end user and they reject whatever you throw their way, then you’re essentially at square one.

That’s why we are so thankful to have customers like you. Do not undervalue what you mean to our company – your dedication to Rolly’s is greatly appreciated and we couldn’t thank you enough for your continued support.

It’s with this in mind that we would like to remind you of the fantastic new service we brought online for our customers in 2012. Yes, as hard as it is was only a few short months ago that we opened up our warehousing division – Rolly’s Self Storage. Already, this division has been a successful venture for our company and we owe this all to the dedication of you.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best in the holiday season and look forward to serving you in 2013.

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While it’s important to consider the operating price of every aspect of your business, it’s also essential that you consider more than just the financial implications when you’re choosing a warehousing solution. When you’re evaluating Winnipeg warehouses, you should also consider the capacity of a space, ease of access for deliveries and the suitability of the particular space to your business needs.

Before choosing a particular warehouse space, however, you must first choose an ideal location. Warehousing in Winnipeg gives you great access to the rest of the continent, as it’s centrally located and boasts a road system that extends across Canada and into the United States.

Rolly’s offers the best warehousing services in Winnipeg, with an attention to detail and a dedication to customer satisfaction. All of our facilities are designed for easy accews, and are climate-controlled to protect sensitive items. We’ll prepare any items in your inventory for shipping, and even handle any local deliveries that come your way. With our cutting-edge GPS tracking system and inventory control software, you’ll never have to wonder where a shipment is, how many of an item you have in stock or where a particular item is located within your space. Our cross docking services prevent loss of revenue shipping delays, making sure that your shipments arrive whole, unblemished and in a timely manner.

Contact us today for a free estimate and to discuss how Rolly’s can meet the individual needs of your business for warehousing, cross-docking or self storage in Winnipeg.

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If you’ve been hesitant to contract with an outside provider of shipping, receiving, information tracking and warehousing space due to the expense, you may be surprised to find that using Rolly’s Winnipeg warehouses is actually a smarter, more cost-effective choice than maintaining the costly commercial space and extensive staff that performing those same tasks in-house would require.

Using Rolly’s for your warehousing needs will allow you to track your all of your back stock with our cutting-edge inventory control program, and maintain a constant supply by knowing exactly what you have on hand at any given time. We’ll also document each and every one of the deliveries made to our facility in your name, and handle any preparations for shipping your goods out.

Rather than investing in your own fleet of trucks and staff of delivery drivers, let us handle your local deliveries for you. From a handful of files to a full-sized piano, we’re on the job. Our warehouses are also secure, climate-controlled facilities that keep all of your inventory safe from environmental damage or intrusion. By carefully considering the cost of performing these same services yourself or maintaining a dedicated staff in a large commercial space you’ve leased or purchased, you may find that outsourcing your warehousing, inventory, receiving and delivery needs to Rolly’s will in fact save you money.

Contact us today to speak with a representative and receive a free price estimate for your Winnipeg warehouse requirements. Depending upon the level of service you require, we can find a solution to suit your budget and business needs.

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Whether you’re a manufacturer of goods or simply retain a large stock of parts or products, handling the warehousing of your own inventory can be an expensive task requiring several dedicated employees. Maintaining a commercial space large enough to house your business offices and Winnipeg warehouses can easily result in far higher overhead costs than you would face if you simply outsourced the warehousing aspect of your business to a dedicated service. At Rolly’s, we offer a full range of receiving, documenting, shipping preparation and local delivery services to help streamline your daily business operations.

Our Winnipeg warehouses are secure and climate controlled, ensuring that even the most sensitive items are kept in the right environment and protected from harm. We’ll also track your inventory with our cutting edge management software, allowing you to view your available stock quickly and easily. Your stock will be tracked with GPS monitoring systems, both inside the facility and during deliveries. Allowing us to manage the warehousing, management and local delivery aspects of your business eliminates the need for expensive real estate, a dedicated staff and the necessary tracking and management technology. Your overhead costs can be slashed dramatically, so that you can save the capital you’d normally be forced to invest in all of these costly endeavors. There’s no need to spend money and valuable time training a warehouse staff, just let Rolly’s manage the logistics of warehousing while you focus on managing and helping your business to grow.

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FREE Self Storage and Save On Moving Special!

Receive 10% OFF your move AND
Receive 1 month FREE self storage!*

Rollys-FreeStorage-Imagev1Sign up for a minimum of four months of self storage in our brand new, state of the art 500 unit self storage centre, and you could save on both your move and your storage! If you’re moving with Rolly’s, you can save on your move and safely and securely store your items for free while you settle in!

Winnipeg’s newest and most technologically advanced self-storage site, features both climate controlled and non-climate controlled self storage units.Our state of the art security system gives you access to your unit seven days a week/24 hours a day.

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So the day has arrived, it is time to move to your new business premises. Of course, you can leave all the heavy work to Rolly’s, but there are still some things you should cover yourselves.

On moving day, make sure that everything goes smoothly by doing a run through of events with your staff. We are going to ensure that all your furniture and equipment is ready. However, you and your staff need to be ready too.

For the most part, it should be business as usual. Your staff can carry on working, as long as they are adequately briefed on the stages of the move. There is no need for you or your staff to become involved with the actual moving process. In fact, we at Rolly’s greatly discourage you from doing so. There is more to consider during a commercial move than the break in productivity.

Office furniture and equipment is heavy. For that reason alone, packing and moving is best left to professionals, like the staff here at Rolly’s, one of the to Winnipeg moving companies. The last thing you or anyone else needs is to incur serious injury from moving or lifting heavy objects.  Why risk an injury, when it is easily avoided?

We have been moving Winnipeg residents and businesses for over 45 years. We take the utmost care with both people and property. That is why, on moving day, you can trust Rolly’s to take care of everything.

Once the move is complete, all you have to do is make sure everyone knows where they need to be. Appoint staff representatives to check in with everyone, making sure they are settled and everything is working as it should be. It is really that simple; leave the hard work to us and you can concentrate on tying up the loose ends.

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A commercial move is a time consuming process; and we all know, in business, time is money. It is not just a matter of planning how to pack everything, you also have to consider the order in which you pack, the impact on productivity and the man hours lost during the packing process. All of which, on a commercial scale, can take weeks or even months of planning alone when you’re moving. Winnipeg businesses can suffer a lot of down time in the process.

The time taken to plan and pack for a commercial move is an irredeemable cost to a business. However, it is also an avoidable cost. When you compare the time committed to the task in-house with hiring a moving company to do the work for you, there is no contest. Employing Rolly’s, one of the most experienced Winnipeg moving companies, wins hands down, every time.

Rolly’s has the experience and expertise to plan your commercial move, from start to finish. Not only that, but you will see minimal disruption to your business operations. The most important thing for us is ensuring a smooth transition for you. That means inventory of all your office supplies, equipment and everything else before the move, planning the move during a time that does not compromise your operations and ensuring your new premises are ready for you to ease seamlessly back into business as usual.

We work with you to reduce the unnecessary consumption of your time. Leaving you to carry on with what’s most important – the continuous and effective operation of your business. If you are up-scaling your business, we can help with that too. Rolly’s can provide self storage facilities for your new equipment, and when it comes time to move, we will deliver it to the new premises.

Give us a call and let us save you time and money by coordinating the move for you.

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It is easy to get swept up in making sure that everything is packed neatly away, when moving. Winnipeg residents who are moving can often neglect the immediate need for essential items during the overall process. The home you are leaving doesn’t become obsolete the moment you start packing. Equally, your new home will not have all the familiar conveniences the minute your step through the door. When moving, you will very quickly discover that there are five things you always need easy access to.

Disposable dishes – You really don’t want to start dealing with the constant packing and unpacking of dishes. By investing in disposable dishes you can use and throw away, as the need arises.

Bathroom items – Toiletry and shower items are essential, so make sure that you keep these all together. That way you can use what you need when you need it.

Garbage cans and bags – One thing you are going to do a lot of when moving is throwing things out. A ready supply of large refuse bags and garbage cans will make the job easier.

Tool box – What goes up, must come down and up again. Without a toolbox close at hand, dismantling furniture and other items just will not be possible.

Beds – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same applies to moving a home. You will want to crash after a hard days packing or unpacking, so make plans to ensure there are beds and bedding available.

Always leave these and other essentials to be packed last thing before moving and unpacked first when you arrive at your new home. Rolly’s is one of the most experienced Winnipeg moving companies. We are happy to share the tips we’ve learned to make the moving process simpler. Another way to simplify the move is to place some of your items in our self storage facilities while you’re packing. Less clutter left in the home, takes a lot of stress out of those final days of packing.

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Any kind of move, whether big or small, inevitably turns into a nightmare. Perhaps that is why, for many of us, the very thought of it is enough to avoid getting started. However, procrastinating is often the first mistake of many. Less time means a higher potential for poor organization, packing in a rush, hap-hazard labelling and leaving things behind.

Having everything you need before you start is a must. That means inventory sheets, bubble-wrap, tape, markers and more boxes than you think you need. Plan well ahead of time, to make sure you are organized, pack everything carefully and label boxes in a logical manner.

You are not out of the woods yet, you still have to transport everything, get it unpacked and stored away. Which, given the earlier mistake of procrastination that you made, presents a whole new level of nightmare. If we were born possessing the gift of 20/20 hindsight, none of this would be a problem. Unfortunately though, we are not.

Which leads us to another common mistake that we often make when moving – assuming it is best to do the job ourselves. Winnipeg moving companies do this every day. A company, such as Rolly’s, are experts in the industry, providing the packing materials and also offering self storage facilities for items not yet ready to transport. So why climb such a steep learning curve when you can avail of such a wealth of experience?

You could save yourself a lot of time, stress and headache by using Rolly’s. Not to mention ensuring that everything reaches its intended destination, and in the same condition it left, too. Moving is by no means an easy task, so you can be forgiven for choosing to employ help from those who have done it all before.

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