About Rolly's Transfer

Our Reputation is Your Insurance
Almost 50 Years of Quality Service

The wheels first started turning in 1966 for Rolly's, with modest intent of offering Contract Furniture Delivery Services to Winnipeg based furniture retailers. Within a few years, Rolly's expanded to include comprehensive household, office furnishings and specialty moving such as delicate equipment, computer systems, printers and pianos.

Today, Rolly's has many fully trained employees to provide the quality services that we offer. Where there was once one truck on the road there is today a fleet of green trucks moving corporate and household goods throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba and beyond. We also provide warehousing. We are scheduled to move the facility and will have 550 BRAND NEW Self Storage and Full Service Units.

Our extensive list of long term corporate and private customers testifies to our strong commitment to providing quality, comprehensive and cost efficient services.

We are proud to be locally owned and include ourselves as one of Winnipeg's Better Movers.

Almost 50 Years of Quality Service